WOW’s Awesome Social Media Job Search Advice For 2013

Social Media Job Search: New Resume Ways

Just as technology is changing job search, it’s also once again remaking how resumes are written and how those resume get into the hands of someone who wants to hire you.

Here are three resume trends that likely to be be ascendant in 2013:

Twitter Resumes: Promoting yourself in 140 characters or less. Impossible? A typical Twitter resume could read like this: #twresume Web design pro with agency exp familiar with e-commerce platforms looking for fast-paced firm. Twitter resumes usually link to an online resume, blog or networking site.

QR Code Resumes: These square barcodes that have been showing up advertising are also making inroads in job hunting,partly for their geek cred factor.

Information technology professionals wanting to show employers they’re up on the latest trends use QR on resumes to connect hiring managers to work samples.

Infographic Resumes: Websites like and can help job seekers create infographic resumes, which documents using illustrations, charts, graphs and other visuals to show skills, experience and accomplishments.

Infographic resumes are unique, fun and show your qualifications at a glance. Infographic resumes aren’t as detailed as traditional resumes and aren’t suited for all job searches. However, they do provide a perfect place to embed a QR code.

New Takes On Social Media Job Search


Employers submit multiple written questions to job seekers who respond with brief video answers. The video answers can then be viewed by employers at anytime. A  good tool for some passive job seekers, and for specific corporate needs, perhaps. But 2013 is probably not the year of video become a big factor in social recruiting.


GigWalk bills itself as a “mobile work marketplace designed to help businesses mobilize people so they can get field work done.” GigWalk also delivers “a mobile workforce by connecting employers looking for part-time, temporary workers to thousands of qualified, smartphone enabled people who are eager to do field work and earn a second paycheck through Gigwalk’s mobile app.”

A cool specialized concept that could be adapted for other markets.

If social media is all about networking, the a social media job search is nothing more than the modern version of how many people have gotten jobs over the centuries — through someone they they know.

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