World – Gig economy reaches USD 3.7 trillion

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The global gig economy grew to USD 3.7 trillion, according to a report this month by Staffing Industry Analysts.

SIA’s definition of the gig economy including more than just human cloud platforms such as Upwork and Uber. It comprises contingent work of any duration, including:

Temporary workers assigned through a staffing agency

Temporary workers sourced directly by a company without going through a staffing agency.

Independent contractors — which represent the lion’s share of gig revenue.

Statement-of-work consultants

Human cloud workers — those who use an online platform to find and transact work.

However, the definition does not include online services “sharing economy” companies such as Airbnb.

Data for the USD 3.7 trillion figures is based on the year 2017, while data for the earlier report is based on data from 2015.

More information on the size of the gig economy can be found in the report “The Global Gig Economy: Market Estimates and Features” available to corporate members of Staffing Industry Analysts.


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