Insuring the Health of Employees Traveling Abroad

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It’s 1 a.m., and the HR director is on the phone with a colleague who is traveling in a foreign country on business and who has a medical emergency. Thoughts race through the HR director’s head: “Is she OK?” “Does our health insurance take care of this?” “How does it work?” “I don’t know who to call.”Many companies lack a solid emergency plan for employees traveling abroad. An HR department may not realize that the company’s existing health insurance already covers medical treatment outside the country. At the same time, executives who oversee risk management may unknowingly purchase duplicative insurance. And some companies buy insurance without realizing that there are significant coverage gaps. When the risk manager and the HR director come together to develop a comprehensive plan, they can deliver much better protection for employees and the employer. The time to dust off and review insurance policies is now—before an employee faces a hea

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