Pro Bono: Accenture Trains 320,000 Worldwide In New Job Skills

Management consulting firm Accenture says it has exceeded its Skills to Succeed program goal of by 2015 training 250,000 people worldwide in the skills necessary to get a job or build a business.

Accenture says that thought is corporate citizenship initiative program, Skills to Succeed, it has already equipped more than 320,000 people with skills enabling them to participate in and contribute to the economy through it corporate citizenship initiative.

The company surpassed its original goal, set in 2010, by working with global and local nonprofit partners.

As a result, Accenture has set a higher goal: By 2015, it will equip 500,000 people worldwide with workplace and entrepreneurial skills.

Focus On Skills Training

“Skills are a key driver of economic empowerment, leading to greater innovation, increased competiveness and rising standards of living in both mature and emerging markets,” said Pierre Nanterme, Accenture’s chairman and CEO. “Through Skills to Succeed, our people are inspired to put their skills and interests to work creating sustained impact in communities around the world,” Nanterme said. “This continued dedication will help us achieve our increased goal of equipping half a million people with skills by 2015.”

The Skills to Succeed program draws on one of Accenture’s core competencies–training talent–to help address the need for skills that open doors to employment.

The initiative harnesses the powerful combination of financial support and the pro bono contributions of time and Accenture employee skills.

Accenture is collaborating with nonprofits on more than 200 Skills to Succeed initiatives, which focus on making a sustained impact around the world.

The initiatives include:

  • Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute–enabling the organization to train 7,500 new patient navigators and expand its skills-building and job readiness program in 35 locations in the United States.
  • Junior Achievement and Junior Achievement Young Enterprise–helping to equip young people with workplace and entrepreneurial skills in more than 19 countries.
  • Plan International–providing training and career opportunities to approximately 7,100 underprivileged young people in Thailand and Indonesia in industries such as information technology, customer relations, business process outsourcing and electronic repair.
  • Save the Children–helping provide approximately 7,000 disadvantaged and at-risk young people in Egypt, Indonesia and the Philippines with vocational and life skills that assist them in securing lasting employment
  • Youth Business International–working to equip the organization’s global network of nonprofit affiliates– such as Conexão in Brazil–with improved tools, funding, mentoring and training to help 33,500 disadvantaged young people around the world become entrepreneurs.

“We have witnessed the profound effect skills training has on people, businesses, industries, markets and communities,” said Adrian Lajtha, Accenture’s chief leadership officer. “We now have the opportunity to continue combining the passion, dedication and resilience of our people and our strategic nonprofit partners to increase the impact of Skills to Succeed around the world.”


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