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From Paul Smith A month ago, Welcome To The Occupation had its 3-year anniversary. For those three years, I have put a great deal of effort into effecting change in the Human Resources field.

Unfortunately I have recently realized that changes in my professional life have limited my ability to continue to deliver my message. So instead of standing in the way of other writers who have something to say and prove, and instead of completely retiring from the fold, I’m going to take Welcome To The Occupation in a new direction. 

HR blog Welcome to the Occupation goes one step beyond.

I want WTTO to continue to be a force for change, to push the envelope, to question the status quo, and to stamp out other evil doers’ games. But I also want it to stop being a self-aggrandizing  mechanism that strokes my fragile ego.

Thus, WTTO will become a collaborative effort with various writers on the state of HR, the state of business and management, and how we can be better at work and as human beings.

I will maintain my status as chief writer. But I’m going to take on a different role as editor-in-chief.

So here’s the all call: if you’ve got a story to tell, if you’ve got a beef with the world, if you’ve got a thirst to write about the pink elephant, then let’s work together and put out some great content. Contact me at and tell me what you want to do.

If you’re unsure on what to write about, here are a few suggestions:

Why HR Should Desire A Seat At The Children’s Table, Instead Of The Adult’s.

How Multi-tasking Is A Fallacy and a Method to Sell Gender Identity.

Enough Is Never Enough.

Anger and Sadness Have a Place At Work Too.

Why HR Needs To Watch Every Penny.

And of course there are a few rules for guest writers:

  • WTTO is an independent, ad-free website and I intend to keep it that way. Articles cannot be advertisements for products.
  • Writers must provide a 2 to 3 sentence bio.
  • WTTO is syndicated by a couple of other news sources, and you’ll have to agree to have your content syndicated as well.
  • You have to be OK with having an editor who has final say.

So as I leave you to contemplate your story, your beef, or your pink elephant, to keep Welcome To The Occupation going one step beyond, here are some inspiring words a wise man once said,

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