Infographic – Survey Reveals American Telecommuters Thoughts and Desires

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A new survey of telecommuters reveals that 80% of Americans say that saving money on gas and having no commute are biggest benefits of working from home.

Survey reveals American telecommuters' inner thoughts and desires.That’s no surprise.

The real surprise is that 1% of telecommuters admit that they suit up—put on full professional attire as if they were in the office.

The top answers to the question, ‘What would you wear if you worked from home?’ were t-shirts and jeans, sweatpants and pajamas.

These revealing results are from a new survey conducted for software firm TeamViewer, which makes software for online meetings and remote control of software and computers. The findings are from an online survey of 500 American adults 18 and older who work from home either full time or part time conducted by uSamp during October 2012.

While many firms still resist the idea of telecommuting, a convergence of both technology and cost saving may make working remotely inevitable for many firms and they employees.

“With an increasing number of employees requesting flexibility in the workplace, telecommuting has become inevitable,” said Holger Felgner, TeamViewer general manager.

Other telecommuting benefits mentioned by survey respondents included:
• Improved work/life balance – 53.5%
• Lower stress and better health – 512%
• Ability to complete household chores (e.g., laundry) while working – 50%
• No involvement in office gossip – 37.5%
• Ability to be near children during the daytime – 25.5%

Telecommuters’ Technology Desires

When asked what advanced technologies telecommuters expect 45% said remote control of their office computer desktops.

The survey found that other technologies desired by telecommuters include:
• Mobile access to my files both at work and at home – 43.48%
• Ability to participate in office meetings as if you were in the same room – 40.32%
• Ability to print remotely – 39.92%
• Ability to work on a document through screen-sharing – 37.55%
• Face to face video communication with colleagues and clients – 37.15%

Click on image to view full-size infographic: Survey reveals American telecommuters' inner thoughts and desires.

Click on image to view full-size infographic: Survey reveals American telecommuters’ inner thoughts and desires.

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