Is HR Right For You? 10 Traits Of Human Resources Professionals

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Is HR right for you? Read the 10 traits of HR professionals
Is HR right for you? Read the 10 traits of HR professionals

From Paul Smith’s Welcome to the Occupation blog- Is HR right for you? This was the title and subject of a small article in the Metro newspaper. (Click here for the online article.)

Despite my skepticism, the article offered some realistic, albeit general, advice that I concurred.

Solid analytic and math skills“, “strong sense of ethics and confidentiality“, “be a bit of a cheerleader“, and “possess a keen business mind to understand how talent affects the business” are noteworthy traits mentioned in the article. But these traits could apply to many management-type positions.

“Being good with people”, and “keeping organized records” along with many other general traits could be added to the list. But again, the general traits apply to many work scenarios.

Human Resources is unique and is not suited for everyone.

To attract the right caliber person to the profession, traits reflecting more personalization need to be expressed. Because choosing a career is a personal decision, the better this is expressed, the better the chance people make the wisest career move.

Below are my top ideas for personalized traits specific to the HR field. I’m sure there are more and I welcome additional suggestions.

Click here to read Pauls Smith’s 10 traits of HR professionals

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