Dis Engagement – How To Know When To Quit Your Job

From Delivering Happiness at Work– Knowing when to qQuit Your Job for a Better One? Not if You Live in Idahouit your job can be challenging, but making the right decision is very rewarding.

Key Take Aways For Knowing When To Quit Your Job:

– Being disengaged at work means it could be time for a change.

– If a job is not in alignment with your sense of what matters in life, it probably needs to be re-examined.

– If you have stopped growing in your job or career, this situation needs to be addressed.

Work doesn't have that same spark anymore? Maybe it's time to quit your job.
Work doesn’t have that same spark anymore? Maybe it’s time to quit your job.

A Harvard Business Review study from this summer found some younger workers who do well in their fields only stayed in their jobs a little more than two years, and were looking for other jobs while they were employed.

The study subjects were top performers generally about thirty years of age.

Money was not typically their main motivator for leaving. It was a lack of learning and growth or not being appreciated.

Their reasons are some of the main ones many people leave their jobs, or begin to consider doing so.


How engaged a person is at work indicates how attentive they are to their tasks and projects.

If they care deeply about getting their work done they experience a strong sense of fulfillment.

In some cases, they may even feel a little guilty for taking a paycheck because they derive a high level of satisfaction from what they do five days a week.

People who work in health care sometimes report this kind of job contentment, because their sense of compassion is being constantly activated, and they enjoy helping others very much.

People who do work they don’t care about, or don’t believe has any particular value for society or the planet are not engaged.

If you find yourself in this position, it is probably a good time to ask why and evaluate whether you can continue in that line or work, or for how long.

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