7 Habits For Directing An HR Department

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From Paul Smith’s Welcome to the Occupation blog– Even though seven months have past since my promotion to HR director, people still ask, “how’s the new job going?” I think it’s kind that people ask. It’s still recent in their memories.

For me, it seems a lot longer than seven months. I had been prepping myself for this role for years. I also served as the Interim HR Director for six months before the promotion. Thus the transition seemed effortless.

Working with my new boss during the interim six months helped with the transition. When people ask me what my boss is like, I say,

“it’s like I’m directing a movie, and he’s the executive producer. I have creative control and he shows up once in a while to make sure the money’s being spent right.” Continuing with that metaphor, I realize I had been training for this role for a long time by directing music videos for indie bands, writing scripts, and working in the editing room on other movies.

Still that experience doesn’t teach you everything.

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