Job Seekers Over 50: Five Stereotypes You Must Overcome

Job seekers over 50

Job search expert Mary Eileen Williams writing in the Huffington Post post another bit of good advice:

Job-seekers over 50 encounter some special challenges. Although age gifts seasoned applicants with a wealth of experience, well-honed skill sets, a mature work ethic, and numerous additional pluses, there are a number of unflattering stereotypes younger employers may be holding against you. And, making things even more difficult, most of these will remain unspoken.

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The take away list of obstacles job seekers over 50:

Here are some of the thoughts that might be running through your interviewer’s mind solely because of your age:

  1. You don’t have the technical chops to do the job
  2. You won’t want to report to a younger boss
  3. You’re tired, slow, and unenthusiastic
  4. You have age-related health problems and will take frequent sick leave
  5. You’re just putting in time until you retire
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