5 Leaders Who Are Disrupting Diversity

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​Abeer Dubey
Director, People Analytics, Google
Collaboration is key to success in today’s work environment, and yet most managers and HR professionals focus all their attention on the performance of individuals. Dubey led an effort to change that at Google. “We don’t experience work as individuals; we experience it in teams,” he says. In 2012, he helped launch Project Aristotle to pinpoint what distinguishes the teams that do well from the ones that struggle. His team analyzed more than 180 teams of tech and sales employees and conducted over 200 interviews.Stronger TogetherDubey and his fellow Googlers, as they call themselves, learned that the individuals who make up a team matter far less than the ways they interact with, and view, their collaborators and the overall project. People do their best work when they feel they have strong goals, can rely on each other and believe their work makes a difference. “On a strong team at Google, the how matters more than the w

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