China – Digital economy predicted to create more than 400 million jobs by 2035

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By (Danny Romero)

The digital economy in China is predicted to create more than 400 million jobs by 2035, according to a report from the Boston Consulting Group, published by Xinhua News Agency.

The report also stated by 2035, the Internet-based economy could be worth up to USD 16 trillion. Moreover, of the 400 million expected jobs, 100 million of them would come from Chinese online trader, AliBaba, alone.

According to the report, as automation and digital technology grows, it will increasingly replace manpower.

In a summit sponsored by Alibaba, Gao Hongbing, Alibaba Vice President, said that 20% of the world’s population will become self-employed or freelance via the Internet in the next decade and the digital economy will surpass the manufacturing sector in scale and account for a quarter of the world’s economy.

Source:: Staffing Industry Analysts Daily Newsfeed


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