How To Avoid The Internet Shopping “Naughty List” At Work

With more employers blocking Internet shopping websites this Christmas season Robert Half Technology has four tips to help workers like you avoid getting on their company’s Internet shopping “naughty list” this holiday season:

Play by the rules. If your employer allows shopping at work, know your company’s policy, including sites or hours to avoid, before searching for deals online.

Exercise caution.Any offer that looks too good to be true probably is. Avoid links or sites that could infect your company’s network with phishing attacks or viruses.

Buy don’t browse. A liberal computer use policy is no excuse to spend the day filling your shopping cart. If your company allows occasional online buying, limit your activity to quick transactions.

Don’t get stuck on your smartphone. Mobile devices can make it easy to get around a strict online shopping policy, but put work first, even on Cyber Monday.

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