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<a href=http://www.workforce.com/2016/09/08/companies-crack-diversity-code-leadership-teams-still-lag/ target=_blank >As Companies Crack the Diversity Code, Leadership Teams Lag</a>

As Companies Crack the Diversity Code, Leadership Teams Lag

By Peter Gomez and Susan Medina Like several Silicon Valley counterparts, tech giant Intel last year went public with its lack of employee diversity. The company is openly sharing its efforts to correct the problem. In an interview with NPR, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich discussed his company’s diversity initiatives and concluded that the “pipeline problem,” or the idea […]

How The DOL Let Companies Get Away With Unpaid Internships

By Kara Brandeisky and Jeremy B. Merrill, ProPublica- Two years after the U.S. Department of Labor announced its intent to crack down on unpaid internships, a federal investigator called a final meeting with the biggest offender the agency had found: an outdoors magazine based in Santa Fe, N.M. The investigator reported interns at Outside magazine had […]

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Job Outlook: Employers Hire Fewer New College Grads Than Projected

Having a change of heart after predicting more robust hiring, employers now say they expect their college hiring levels to remain relatively flat, according to a new report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Employers taking part in NACE’s Job Outlook Spring Update survey say they will hire 2.1% more new college […]

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U.S. Department Of Labor Sequestration Information

For anyone wondering about the reality of sequestration for major government agencies, here are the U.S. Department of Labor’s online resources for its employees who are facing the blunt end of sequestration. U.S. Department Of Labor Sequestration Information The following information is provided to assist DOL employees who may be impacted by budget reductions required by sequestration.  […]

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Major Commuting Patterns Of American Workers

Workers living in New York state have the highest rate of long-distance commuting with 16.2%, according to a new Census Bureau report on commuting. New York is followed by Maryland and New Jersey at 14.8% and 14.6%, respectively. Commuting Across County Lines More than a fourth of all U.S. workers commute outside the county where […]

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Hospitals Crack Down On Tirades By Angry Doctors

By SANDRA G. BOODMAN, KHN— At a critical point in a complex abdominal operation, a surgeon was handed a device that didn’t work because it had been loaded incorrectly by a surgical technician. Furious that she couldn’t use it, the surgeon slammed it down, accidentally breaking the technician’s finger. “I felt pushed beyond my limits,” recalled […]

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Corporate Training Spending Training Up 12% In 2012, Study Finds

Corporate training spending rose 12% on average in 2012, a sign that amidst greater financial stability, organizations are focused on reskilling their workforces, a new study found. The fining is one of the results of human resources consulting firm Bersin by Deloitte’s new training industry study, “The Corporate LearningFactbook 2013: Benchmarks, Trends, and Analysis of the […]

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Workers With Disabilities Add Business Benefits

Companies that employ people with disabilities reap numerous benefits. Active recruiting and retention of employees with disabilities, including veterans, can both significantly expand the pool of talent and create new business opportunities, according to a new publication from The Conference Board. Among the poignant conclusions reported: Managers who have supervised an employee with a disability […]

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U.S. Small Businesses Struggle To Find Qualified Employees, Rely On Referals

Small business owners continue to complain of being unable to find enough qualified employees to fill certain jobs. In spite of the slow economy and high unemployment, 53% of U.S. small-business owners in January reported finding it very (23%) or somewhat difficult (30%) to find the qualified employees they need, according to the Wells Fargo/Gallup […]

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No End in Sight To Wage-And-Hour Class Actions, Law Firm Reports

Wage-and-hour litigation remains the fastest-growing area of employment litigation, according to the law firm Crowell & Moring. According to a 2011 NERA Economic Consulting study, employers paid an average of $5.8 million to settle a wage-and-hour case. There is some evidence that such settlement amounts have declined somewhat in recent years. However, the average employer […]

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