World – Millennials are driving the workplace trends of flexible and remote working, study finds

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Nearly half of the workforce across the world works flexibly at least some of the time, according to survey data from software company Condeco. The Millennial generation, born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, were found to be shaping the workplace to meet their needs and driving modern workplace trends.

Condeco’s survey found that 69% of those surveyed said they work in open plan, or mostly open plan, offices. This arrangement was most common in Australia (84%) and least common in Singapore (60%), where working arrangements remain somewhat traditional, compared with other nations.

“This marks a significant change from previous generations, for example the cubicle office of Generation X or the personal offices of the Baby Boomers,” the report stated. “The oldest members of Generation Z – born between the mid-1990s and 2000s – are now entering the workforce and they will likely move further towards flexibility, remote worker, and cross-functional teams with less hierarchy.”

The report stated that unlike previous generations, Millennials do not expect to spend the bulk of their career at one company. Several of Condeco’s interviewees said that employees of this generation are quick to leave if they see a better opportunity elsewhere or if their current employer is not meeting their needs. “This brings an element of competition; if one company has created a workspace that is very appealing to younger workers, then others must improve their environment if they are to retain their employees and attract new ones,” the report stated.

Meanwhile, remote working was found to be least common in the UK, where the largest proportion of respondents (38%) said that less than a quarter of people in their company are remote workers, and France, where 34% said the same. The global average is 26%.


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