Job Search ‘ABCs’ for New Grads

Like other recent graduates, you may be finding the current job market challenging. Many employers are eager to hire financial talent, but they also typically want candidates with specific skills and practical experience.

Job Outlook: Tomorrow's workers will need more education. graduates
Job Outlook: Tomorrow’s workers will need more education.

Catching a hiring manager’s attention is never easy. However, by focusing on some important basics — the job search “ABCs” — you could increase your chances of securing an interview and landing a job.

A: Avoid taking the resume and cover letter for granted.
Looking at your resume, does it provide the best representation of your abilities and experience? Make sure it clearly emphasizes your strengths and accomplishments. As much as possible, quantify your achievements.

Just as important is your cover letter. This should never be styled as a form letter. Instead, just as you should with your resume, tailor it to show why you want and are right for the specific position. Address details in the job positing, highlight key information from your resume, and explain how your skills and experience would make you an asset to the firm.

B: Be proactive about professional networking.
By now, you probably have profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook. Actively engage with your professional contacts regularly and in ways that add value, such as sharing relevant information, contributing to conversations, and commenting on others’ posts and updates.

The Internet is not the only place to network. Consider joining professional organizations, participating in their meetings, seminars and networking events. Your former professors, alumni network, and friends and family are all great resources, too.

C: Communicate with care.
In addition to ensuring your application materials are professional — and you’re interacting effectively with the people in your network — you need to pay close attention to other ways you’re communicating with potential employers, including indirectly.

According to Robert Half study, technology etiquette missteps can hinder career growth. When online, never post content that could harm your professional reputation. To enhance your career marketability, complete your profiles on social networks.

D: Don’t fail to consider different pathways to full-time employment.
While you’re searching for full-time work, look for other opportunities to earn relevant experience. For example, even though you’ve completed college, you could still be considered for an internship.

Working with a staffing service is another valuable option. A reputable firm can give you access to training and continuing education and connect you with temporary work. These opportunities, like internships, can lead to full-time roles.

It takes work to find work, especially when you’re just starting a career. Don’t get discouraged. Mastering and building on the job search ABCs can help shorten the path to “E” — employment.

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