Workers’ Rights in America: What Workers Think About Their Jobs and Employers

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[Excerpt] More than two-thirds of working Americans—68 percent— say workplace rights need more protection today. Most workers feel improvements are needed in their own job situations. For nearly two thirds of today’s workers, employers inspire little or no trust that they will treat workers fairly—corporations, workers say, are more concerned with profits than people and have too much power. As a result, 56 percent of workers surveyed say new laws are needed to hold corporations responsible for the way they treat employees, a number that has risen sharply. The survey documents a 10 percentage point increase in the past five years alone in workers’ view that management has too much power and a 12 point increase in those saying new laws are needed.

The Hart survey reveals stark differences between the importance workers place on workplace rights and how they say employers treat those rights.

Source:: Cornell University Labor Newsfeed


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