ManpowerGroup Urges Manufacturers To Help Solve the Skills Shortage

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Staffing firm ManpowerGroup is urging manufacturers to commit to private-public sector task forces for developing market-specific solutions to address the skills shortage within the U.S. manufacturing industry.

“Innovative manufacturing and prototyping enterprises are growing in the U.S., but hiring in manufacturing is not as robust as we’d like to

Manufacturing has a skills shortage.

Manufacturing has a skills shortage.

see,” said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup president. “Contemporary U.S. manufacturing means highly unique and relevant design, however, many manufacturers can’t find the skilled talent needed to competitively accelerate their R&D, CAD/CAM and production cycles, which are required for staying competitive in the human age.”

With 65-plus years in the sector, ManpowerGroup created the Manpower Manufacturing Challenge Council to encourage collaborative problem solving among those directly impacted by the skills shortage in the U.S. workforce.

Held in February 2013 at ManpowerGroup’s Milwaukee headquarters, the event brought manufacturing employers, trade groups, educators and government leaders together to discuss top trends in contemporary manufacturing and the skill levels and technical specifications missing at large from the U.S. workforce.

Participants at the Manpower Manufacturing Challenge Council met in small-group strategy sessions to identify innovative solutions to solving skills gap issues.

The group unanimously identified the need to re-energize and rebrand manufacturing to make it more compelling to younger generations entering the workforce, as well as other suggestions to partner with education and government leaders to raise awareness of manufacturing as a viable and needed profession that drives healthy economies.

Later this year, Manpower will host additional Manufacturing Challenge Council events in top U.S. manufacturing markets to address local solutions to the global skills shortage and encourage the collective flow of ideas and solutions from business, educators and government.

As part of the Manpower Manufacturing Challenge Council, ManpowerGroup, in partnership with Tom Davenport, Harvard Business School manufacturing expert, released a series of research papers, entitled “The Future of the Manufacturing Workforce,” that detail both problems and solutions to the industry’s skills shortage.

Visit to download the series.

In addition, ManpowerGroup partnered with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation to sponsor the Executive Briefing, “Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap.” The paper highlights four ways to close the skills gap, including partnerships with community colleges, apprenticeship programs, nonprofit coalitions and skills certifications.

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