The New Rules Of American Work: The Truth About Employers

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By ROBERT SCALLY— If there ever really was any kind of social contract between American workers and employers there is little doubt it is nothing but a memory.

America’s 21st century’s work rules in are firmly rooted in employers’ take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward their workforces.

Gina Rinehart, world's most wealthy woman, hates working people.

Gina Rinehart, world’s most wealthy woman, hates working people. Although she’s Australian, she has the 21st century employer-worker relationship down cold.

Big companies and the people that run them – employers – really don’t care if they employ anyone in the U.S. They know that consumers in the U.S., those people who work for employers, will buy stuff no matter what.

If employers can keep wages low, employment prospects unsteady and the future uncertain for a large number of people it’s much easier to keep them buying while paying them as little as possible.

Employers feel you are lucky to be working for them.

Employers resent having to pay you. “Here’s what we’re paying, take-it-or-leave it.”

 Employers Hate Employees

The great majority of American workers, at all levels from the lowly mailroom to the tippy-top top of middle management, have little or no bargaining power when it comes to employment.

To put it short and sweet: if you’re not in the C-suite you ain’t she-it.

Employers’ want employee loyalty. But your employer feels it owes you nothing.

No matter how loyal you are, your employer will lay you off at the first sign of financial trouble.

David Koch and his brother Charles have been working for decades to weaken employee rights.

David Koch and his brother Charles have been working for decades to weaken employee rights.

Employers want often highly qualified, highly skilled workers. But they want to pay these workers as little as possible.

If your employer prospers, it is unlikely you will. Example: Apple retail store employee’s wages remain low.

If an employer thinks it can get by without any particular employee, that employee is gone. If an employer can find someone to do your job more cheaply you are outta there.

Employers don’t care about your life, no matter what they say. Lives outside of work and families don’t contribute to ROI.

Your employer hates your spouse and especially despises your kids who use your health plan. That is, if you have a health plan.

More human resources decisions in large companies are based strictly on spreadsheets. If you cost the company too much in either wages or benefits or both, you WILL lose your job.

Charles Koch

Charles Koch, the other Koch brother. He looks friendly enough, but he hates your guts. Unless, of course, you’re really rich.

If you think your employer cares in any way about your career you are delusional.

Bad managers frequently rise to the top.

The genuinely incompetent have are blissfully unaware they are incompetent. The genuinely incompetent think they are supremely competent.

These people are often in charge. Your boss is probably one of them.

Managers usually hire in their own image, which helps explain why there are so many bad managers.

The idea that private industry and business is somehow more efficient than the public sector is a massive lie.

Your boss is not your friend, even if you think he/she is. Your boss’ job will always be more important than yours.

When challenged in any way management will always circle the wagons and defend its own.

If your employer tells you there will be no more:

  • changes
  • layoffs,
  • restructuring
  • pay cuts
  • etc.

–     they are lying.

Ahhh. Just like old times in the employer-employee relationship.

Ahhh. Just like old times in the employer-employee relationship.

When you head that workers are being more “productive” that really means they are working more and getting paid less.

You will not be rewarded for excellent work; you will NOT get a big raise.

If you work in a large organization of any kind, most of the money available for wages goes to the top executives. Those at the top will always get rewarded no matter what happens.

Don’t kid yourself: Employers would rather gouge out their eyes with butter knives and chug liquid drain cleaner than hire or “create new jobs.”

This is the reality of working in America in the early 21st century.

What can anyone do about this situation? Well, that is another post.

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