New Website Offers Jobseekers Answers, Advice Direct From Recruiters

Filed under: Finding a Job,Labor,News,The Economy | is ready for prime time. The HR Policy Association, which represents senior human resource executives and recruiters at more than 340 of the largest U.S., announces the official launch of its website.

The site went live test mode in October 2012. is designed to provide personal, free and timely answers about job searches and the workplace directly from active company recruiters.

Topics include interviewing, resumes, compensation, appropriate attire and workplace behavior.

Members of HR Policy Association created the site to help better prepare students and first time job seekers for the professional world.

HR Policy Association members believe that many graduates lack some basic professional skills such as writing resumes, how to behave in an interview or assimilating into the workplace.

Interact Directly With Recruiters provides credible and reliable job-related information, while also allowing job seekers to interact directly with experienced corporate recruiters, a feature no other website can provide on this scale.

“Collectively, our members, who are responsible for hiring, training and retaining more than 10 million people, are concerned that many of today’s graduates simply aren’t ready for the workforce,” Jeffrey C. McGuiness, CEO of the HR Policy Association said.

“Every day, our members interview applicants who are underprepared, or witness their entry-level employees struggle in the first few months on the job, regardless of whether they walk in the door with high school diplomas or master’s degrees,” McGuiness said. “We developed to help these jobseekers do better at finding and keeping their jobs.”

Since the test launch of, in October 2012, professional recruiters from HR Policy member companies such as Merck, AT&T, ManpowerGroup, IBM, Praxair and Gap Inc, have posted more than 1,200 personalized responses to questions. Nearly 50 universities, including Cornell, Duke, Georgia Tech, NYU and Tufts, are also participating in by linking to the site.

“Our hope is that by providing advice and answers directly from our actual recruiters in the field, will not only assist jobseekers but also create a better understanding of what it really takes to find and keep a job in America,” said McGuiness.


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