HR Smells Like Bug Spray

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Bug spray has become scentless mainly to keep people from freaking out in professional environments. But HR shouldn’t smell like bug spray.

From Paul Smith’s Welcome To The Occupation blog— I don’t like insects. I find no good use for them and wish that their existence was wiped from this planet.

HR smells like bug spray

HR smells like bug spray

This is why I have an exterminator come to my house every three months. It’s also because I live in a row house in South Philadelphia where every house is an ideal nest, playground, and dining room for these little agents of Satan.

So a regular visit from the bug guy is a good idea. He walks around and inspects. He sometimes lays bait that looks like sawdust. Sometimes he sprays his death liquid in every corner.

The other day, while he used the spray, we talked about its toxicity and smell. He mentioned that solutions have become scentless due mainly to professional environments.

It’s in the workplace he said where people overreact to the smell, claim they’ve become sick and go home. He believes it’s all in their heads.

Nevertheless, to keep people from freaking out at work, spray has become less odoriferous.

But it still needs to smell like something awful, at least a little bit. Because if it didn’t smell bad, people would assume that the death liquid was merely just water.

It’s odd. People want the spray to smell like nothing because the smell makes them sick. But if it smelled like nothing, people would believe the spray is ineffective. Yet, since bug spray is designed to seep into cracks and create a bug apocalypse out of sight, how it smells is irrelevant.

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