reCareered: Learn To Speak Headhunter, 8 Tips For Working With Recruiters

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boreno headhunterSearching for a job? Learn to speak headhunter.

From come some best practices for working with recruiters during a job search.

Hitching up with a good recruiter can put you on the fast track to a new job that is likely to pay better than one you land on you own.

But here are pitfalls and recruiters don’t work out for all job seekers.

Phil Rosenberg at writes that few people make the most of working with a headhunter – recruiter – simply because a lack of knowledge. Many job seekers do not understand how recruiters work and what it is the recruiter wants from candidate  in order to place them in a job.

Job Search Best Practices To Work With Recruiters

By PHIL ROSENBERG,— Few candidates maximize the potential of working with recruiters.

Often it’s just because the candidate doesn’t really understand best practices of working with recruiters.

By understanding how recruiters work, what they care about and what they ignore, it provides you with a superior model to gain recruiter attention and employer submission.

But when you ignore recruiters’ needs (or don’t understand them), you lessen the chances that you’ll be front of mind, which reduces the number of times your resume is submitted to hiring managers.

Many times, candidates blame recruiters for their own failures, calling them impolite or unprofessional … rather than gaining an understanding why recruiters aren’t providing the communication you want.

You’ll gain far better results from recruiters when you understand these best practices:


  1. 1.   Don’t think that recruiters work for you: They don’t. They work for the employer. You’re inventory … get used to it. Unless you want to never hear from that recruiter again, keep the attitude at bay. Sure there are lots of recruiters, but why burn the bridge that might have your perfect opportunity?

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