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By STEVE BOESE from Fistful of Talent— For me as well as for I am sure many other folks in FOT Nation these first days of 2013 are not just the start of a New Year, but also are the start of a new job.  In a bit of shameless self-promotion, and for anyone that cares, the details of my new gig can be found here.

New jobs always come with angst.

New jobs always come with angst.

New jobs, even ones that seem a perfect fit or ones in which you were recruited heavily into and maybe even wined and dined (and perhaps given a compelling contract/comp package), always come at the start with some nervousness and angst. Did you make the right decision? Will you like the people there?  Will the ‘deal’ that you discussed when you were being wooed really be the deal, or should you have believed what you read on Glassdoor?

Lots of questions, naturally. And when faced with tough questions, most people also have a natural reaction.

We ask Google. So that is what I did a few days ago, searched the almighty Google for ‘Advice for starting a new job’.  There were over 80 Million results.

I could have then applied some insight in order to winnow down the result list and find the real gems of understanding, but instead, and also to try and mimic what I imagine lots of people do, I simply clicked on the first organic result, (not going to link to it here, for reasons that hopefully will become clear).

It was a pretty long piece containing some 20 tips for people starting a new job, not all bad, but I did want to call out a few of the ‘tips’ from the (at least for me), the number one Google search result that people starting a new job and looking for advice would find:

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