EEOC: Selected Pending And Resolved Age Discrimination In Employment Act Cases

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EEOC: Selected List Of Pending And Resolved Cases Under The Age Discrimination In Employment Act (ADEA) As Of August 2012



Marymount Manhattan College: (S.D. N.Y) filed 4/18/12 by New York District Office – The Commission alleges that Charging Party, a 64-year-old choreography instructor, was not hired for an assistant professorship in dance composition because of her age in violation of the ADEA. Defendant, a private liberal arts college, initially selected the 64-year-old choreography instructor and two other applicants as finalists. However, after determining that the 64-year-old was the leading candidate, Defendant expanded its search to include a less qualified, 37-year-old applicant as a fourth finalist because it considered her to be “at the right moment of her life for commitment to a full-time position.”

Hutchinson Sealing Systems: (E.D. Mich.) filed 1/20/12 by Indianapolis District Office – The Commission alleges that three charging parties, all project engineers, ages 62, 51 and 48, were laid off by Defendant because of their age. The Commission contends that Defendant, a manufacturer of parts for the automotive, aerospace, defense and marine industries, manipulated its criteria for selecting project engineers for layoff based on age. As a result, the older engineers were laid off instead of the younger engineers.

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