Paul Smith – Negotiating Your Salary If You’re In HR

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From Paul Smith’s “Welcome to the Occupation” blog- 

Paul Smith asks "How much are you worth?"

How much are you worth? More specifically, what is the dollar amount you consider to be an accurate assessment of the work you do?

It’s a hard question to answer. It’s hard because if you ask yourself and the 9 others most familiar with your work, you’ll receive 10 different responses.

Unfortunately there is no slide-rule-answer to this question. Compensation is so personal that a person’s emotions eclipses another person’s logic.

Compensation within an organization executed with the best intents and careful calculations can still be viewed as crushing someone’s status, creating a gulf of uncertainty, or initiating feelings of unfairness.

Because it’s so personal, it makes me wonder if anyone believes they are compensated fairly.

Knowing the visceral nature surrounding employee compensation is helpful for HR folks.

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