You Give HR A Bad Name

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Welcome to the Occupation

From Welcome to the Occupation: I have covered many HR/business-related topics and occasionally I wonder why I still do it.

But then I read an article about another HR screw-up that could have been prevented. Or I talk to someone who tells me another story about a friend or relative that’s getting screwed over by their HR department. Then I remember why.

The latest story I heard was from an acquaintance whose wife was discouraged from taking FMLA leave.

Her company fills all the requirements for offering FMLA and the policy is in the Employee Manual. However, the Human Resource department—behind closed doors— discourages all employees from taking more than two weeks for any reason. Apparently, employees are told taking more than two weeks will be “bad for their career.”

When I hear bullshit like this, I want to don some tights and a cape, paint an S and an H and R on my chest, fly into that business, and bring these evil doers to justice. But the only super-power I have is the metaphorical paper and pen. It is my only means to demonstrate my HR activism.

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