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About WideWorldofWork.com

WideWorldofWork.com is about surviving, striving, and thriving in the modern working world. WideWorldofWork.com’s audience is anyone who has a job, wants a job, wants a better job or is preparing for employment.

WideWorldofWork.com provides working people with global news and information about business and the working world from their perspective.

WideWorldofWork.com offers a constantly growing set of resources and tools for all levels of job seekers from teens hunting for their first jobs to experienced workers looking for career advancement.

WideWorldofWork.com knows that managers are usually employees too, sharing many of the same employment issues as their workers. WideWorldofWork.com’s also provides news, perspectives, tools and resources for human resources professionals and anyone who manages people.

We hope you find WideWorldofWork.com useful, informative and entertaining. We want to help you to get more out of your job if you are employed or land a job if you don’t have one.

Please bookmark us, add us as a favorite on Facebook and Google+. You can also follow us on Twitter or via RSS on your mobile device.

Stay tuned as the site develops and more features in the coming months.

Thank you for reading.

1 January 2012

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