How to Manage Your E-Reputation And Stay Employed

Anything you say and do on the Internet can and will be used against you.

Managing your e-reputation is critical in an era when anyone with a will and an Internet connection can gather a vast amount of details about nearly anyone in no time at all.

This is increasingly true when it comes to the workplace. About 48% of human resources professionals and recruiters say they look at personal websites, use search engines and troll social media sites like Facebook for information when making hiring decisions.

That comment you posted on a blog when you were drunk back in 2007? It’s likely that it can still be found and could mean the difference when you’re trying to get hired.

Geneva, Switzerland-based KBSD Digital Marketing came up with this clever and informative infographic spelling out how to shed some light on your digital shadow and manage your personal e-reputation.

How to Manage Your Personal E-Reputation

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