Coping With Unemployment’s Emotional Toll

Unemployment benefits aid begins. Line of men inside a State Employment Service office at San Francisco, Calif., waiting to register for benefits on one of the first days after the office opened in Jan. 1938.These workers will receive dfrom $6 to $15 per week for as long as 16 weeks. Twenty-two states begin paying unemployment compensation as national unemployment reached 10 million, 19% of the workforce. Photo: Lange, Dorothea,/Library of Congress

Photo: Lange, Dorothea/Library of Congress

Few things in life can hit you as hard emotionally than being unemployed. Even if you’ve been laid off before or you knew the layoff was coming, the act of being rendered jobless stings.

Fortunately there are many positive ways to cope with emotional toll that come with unemployment. Here’s one how-to take from four experts interviewed by the Chicago Tribune:

You walk out of your office building, belongings in hand, jobless. It’s a familiar situation, with unemployment stuck at 9.1% in the U.S.

What next? In addition to the immediate concerns regarding finances, there are the possibly more daunting emotional matters. How do you cope and move on?

Q: What challenges do unemployed people face?

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