Edible Marijuana: Issues for the Workplace

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​Consumption of marijuana by edible means is becoming more common in the growing number of states that have legalized the drug’s use. Long gone are the days of edible marijuana being restricted to “pot brownies.” Now, edible marijuana can come in many forms: baked goods, candy, oil emulsions and tablets. As a result, edible marijuana presents a new challenge for workplaces. In the past, employers could sometimes tell if an employee had smoked marijuana based on its distinct odor. The consumption of edible marijuana is less obvious because it is odorless. In addition, those who ingest edible marijuana may find that the effects are more potent than if they had smoked it. In fact, two deaths connected with edible marijuana products convinced Colorado lawmakers to toughen marijuana regulations. In news reports about those cases, experts said the amount of marijuana in edibles can vary widely and in some cases the levels are so high people report extreme paranoia and anxiety b

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