India – Gender study finds men work longer, women more open to working during vacations

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By (Danny Romero)

A new study, ‘The Gender Divide at Work’, by TimesJobs, shows that men in India are working longer than women, however women are more open to working during vacations.

According to the study, 40% of both male and female employees put in around 10-12 hours in a regular day at work, however 70% of male employees also do overtime at work compared to 40% of female employees. Of the 70% male employees who put in extra time at work, 50% do it every day, 30% do it on alternate days and 20% do it twice a week.

Meanwhile, of the 40% female employees who do overtime, 55% said they do it twice a week, 35% do it on alternate days and 10% do it every day. Female employees are also more open to the idea of working during holidays and vacations with 55% female employees saying they have no issues doing office work while holidaying as opposed to 30% of male employees agreeing to do so.

“While there has been a significant shift in evaluating performance based on productivity, this TimesJobs study confirms that perceived gender differences still exist,” Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy, Times Business Solutions, said. “However, this is more of a mindset issue, than an actual difference in job performance. Even if women do not spend as many hours in the workplace, their productivity and output is equal, if not greater in some cases, than that of men today. This is increasingly being recognized in India Inc.”

Moreover, the study also shows that even though more male employees put in extra hours at work more frequently, the level of displeasure in doing overtime is almost equal for both genders. About 60% male and 70% female employees are not happy putting in extra hours at work.

Source:: India – Gender study finds men work longer, women more open to working during vacations


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