Viewpoint: HR Systems of Record Have Evolved Considerably

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​Over the last decade there has been a tremendous change in HR technology as we have shifted from licensed software to cloud-based systems and now to mobile apps.As this technology architecture has changed, the needs of businesses have changed as well–leading to a new market for HR technology, one I believe is reinventing itself before our eyes, as I wrote for Forbes six months ago.Decades ago, we used to think of HR systems as systems of record. They were mainframe or client/server systems that stored all the vital data about our employees; they were supposed to be kept for decades into the future; they held critical financial data, including salary histories, job histories, and benefits and bonus histories; and important compliance data for payroll, tax, anti-discrimination and other government policies. As the Internet evolved and we started using PCs and web browsers to access systems, the HR software market shifted toward systems of engagement. During that period, we saw an explos

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