Is It Time to Ditch the Annual Employee Survey?

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We need to double-down on measuring employee engagement.I recently fielded an employee engagement survey for my company; it was the first such assessment we had conducted since 2011. Why, you may ask, did we let five years pass without listening to the collective voice of our 28,000 employees?Well, we were in the midst of intense change. Leaders came and went, and we spent most of our effort working to turn the company around. It was a time to batten down the hatches, cut back on expenses and look to the future. While we continued to review customer survey data, hold focus groups and consult with external firms to interpret our shoppers’ feedback, we did not do the same for our employees.That was a mistake, and one that could have cost us more than the dollars we saved by not conducting a survey for five years.In reality, understanding the wants and needs of employees has never been more important. A 2015 study by the intellectual property equity firm Ocean Tomo found

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