Tracking the Affordable Care Act

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While the Affordable Care Act is a public exchange for health care, there are plenty of workplace implications now and in its future, should it be repealed. As that effort moves forward, the workplace stands to be affected, as well.

Job-based plans offered to employees and their dependents cover 150 million people, according to the Health Affairs Blog. The ACA introduced protections like pre-existing condition exclusions, annual out-of-pocket limits and dependent coverage up to age 26. Just a few are supported across party lines, while most are the cause of great political debate. Republicans, who now hold the majority in the House and Senate as well as the presidency, are in the process of repeal and replace.

Workforce is keeping running list of important developments in the ACA repeal effort. Workplaces have to comply with the ACA as long as it’s the law of the land, but as the health care landscape changes, they will also have to comply with a new reality.    


Jan. 20: In his inaugural address, President Donald Trump did not mention anything about the Affordable Care Act. The speech showed that his primary interest lies with issues such as immigration and renegotiating trade deals rather than health care, according the the Wall Street Journal.

Jan. 16: President-elect Donald Trump vows that he is creating an ACA replacement plan, separate from that of Congress, with the goal of “insurance for all.” He has yet to answer questions about the specifics of the plan.

Jan. 13: The U.S. House of Representatives approve the budget blueprint as well.

Jan. 12: Taking the first major step in the repeal process, the Senate approved a budget blueprint that would allow them to gut the ACA without having to worry about a Democratic filibuster.

Jan. 4: Democratic lawmakers led by President Barack Obama and Republican lawmakers led by Vice President-elect Mike Pence hold dual meetings on Capitol Hill to discuss the future of the ACA. In a following press conference, Pence said the administration’s top priority will be to erase the ACA. On the Democratic side, Obama tried to mobilize lawmakers to keep the ACA intact.

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