India – Job search start up raises money from angel fund (Economic Times)

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By (Danny Romero)

Jobs on Sight, an Indian-based job search start up, has raised an undisclosed amount from angel funder Saurin Shah who is Joint President, Corporate Affairs, of multinational conglomerate company the Adani Group, reports the Economic Times. The start up, which functions as an app, focuses on finding jobs in the ‘unorganised’ sector (plumbers, masons, electricians, on hire drivers, housekeepers and others) and provides location-based jobs and services using technology to find lucrative employment opportunities within a 5-kilometre radius.

Jobs on Sight is part of a new category of intermediaries defined as ‘Just-in-Time Staffing’ by Staffing Industry Analysts which has recently begun to emerge in a number of countries. Our report on Just-in-Time Staffing, available to members, can be downloaded here.

Source:: Staffing Industry Analysts Daily Newsfeed


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