Developing Proficiency in HR: Role Play

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​The following is excerpted fromChapter 4 ofDeveloping Proficiency in HR: 7 Self-Directed Learning Activities for HR Professionals(SHRM, 2016), written by Debra Cohen, Ph.D., former senior vice president for SHRM.In developing an effective role-play, you should spend some time thinking of a recurring issue that is related to the competency you’ve selected. Find data to support the concern, such as feedback from a supervisor, coaching from a colleague, or misunderstandings in e-mails. More importantly, think of situations in which you’ve been uncomfortable and with which you think you can benefit from focused development. Think of upcoming opportunities in which you will want to showcase your behavior so that you are seen in a more effective light or in a way that you’ve not behaved previously. For example, if there is an upcoming budget meeting and you believe there will be tension around HR expenses, such as recruitment and staffing, you may want to build a role-

Source:: SHRM Employee Relations


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