Saying Thank You Can Help You Land the Job

Saying Thank You: Write a thank-you note.

Write a thank-you note.

Your mother told you to do it, and research shows she was right: Saying thank you not only displays impeccable manners but also may give job hopefuls an edge. Ninety-one percent of human resources managers in an Accountemps survey said it’s helpful for job candidates to send a thank-you following an interview. Doing so allows you to reinforce your enthusiasm for and fit for the opportunity and stay on the employer’s radar.

The medium you choose to deliver your thanks is typically less important than the message. Large majorities of respondents, 87 percent and 81 percent, respectively, said email and phone calls are appropriate. Thirty-eight percent like handwritten notes and 10 percent were fine with text messages.

Saying Thank You Never Hurts

Regardless of the communication vehicle used, the following five points should be included in every message:

  1. “Saying Thank you”: It may seem obvious, but it’s the most important thing to say.
  2. Specific points of the meeting: Show your engagement by referencing the conversation. For example, you could note an area of discussion you found particularly interesting.
  3.  Your fit for the position: This is another opportunity to highlight your skills and expertise that make you right for the job.
  4.  Clarification on any outstanding questions: Address any issues you feel need resolution.
  5.  Next steps: Close by reiterating your thanks and summarizing the next steps discussed during the interview.

Anything you can do to catch a hiring manager’s attention can give you the edge in the job search. A well-crafted thank-you may deliver just the advantage you need.

By Accountemps

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