Infographic: Bridging The Job Skills Gap

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Job Skills Gap Infographic Despite America’s high unemployment rate, there are more than 3.7 million open job positions and 34% of American companies report difficulty filling critical positions.

Bridging The Job Skills Gap

Bridging The Job Skills Gap

Experts argue if there is really a significant overall mismatch of jobs and skills to job seekers. The facts also point out that overall labor market in the U.S. is 7 million jobs smaller than it was just five years ago. No amount of job skills can over come that.

However, the fact remains that certain job skills are in demand.

Business leader often blame the public education system for not giving workers marketable job skills. But often business are reluctant to help fund public education efforts that could help solve the problem.

Is There Job Skills Gap Real?

Further, there is mounting evidence that what employers want are highly skilled employees that can be paid lower than fast-food restaurant wages.

That means for many potential skilled workers an expensive technical education, paid for with loans, doesn’t make economic sense when an worker could make more as an assistant manager at a fast-food restaurant.

This disparity points to insufficient opportunities in educational institutions and the workforce that lead to our current “skills gap.”

Here’s a radical concept: Free specialized job skills education targeted fill the demand for these jobs.

Last October, Internet technology firm GOOD and education company Apollo Group announced the launch of Coding for GOOD, an opportunity to gain job skills in coding and, for one participant, a chance to work with at GOOD.

Participants had eight weeks to take 16 free coding lessons and submit a final project using the skills they learned. The weekend of Jan. 26, 2013, the top three finalists were flown to Los Angeles for a hack-a-thon at Google offices there.

The program was an effort to bridge the job skills gap through real-world application of technology and education.

Here is an infographic, created by GOOD and Deeplocal, showing how the job skills gap is affecting the way companies hire in the United States and other nations.

 Click job skills gap infographic to see full-size version
Job Skills Gap Infographic - Click Graphic To See Full-Size

Job Skills Gap Infographic – Click Graphic To See Full-Size

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