Oracle Speaks At Taleo World, Telling The Future Of Its HR Technology

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Oracle has wasted no time combining the technology gained from purchasing HR software firm Taleo into its existing employee management systems, which are used by many large companies.

Oracle president Mark Hurd spoke at Taleo World 2012

Oracle president Mark Hurd spoke at Taleo World 2012

Speaking 12 September 2012 at the annual Taleo World conference in Chicago, Oracle executives detailed the company’s vision for its new Taleo division.

Oracle bought Taleo in a deal announced in February 2012 and valued at about $1.9 billion. Oracle bought Taleo for its Internet-based “could computing” software system.

Job seekers may often encounter Taleo’s software and not realize it and many companies relay on it manage their workforces. More than 6,000 organizations use Taleo’s workforce management software technology. That number of firm’s using Taleo’s technology will expand rapidly under Oracle’s ownership.

Taleo And Oracle’s HCM Technology Roadmap

Taleo human resources software systems will be combined with Oracle’s existing Fusion HCM and PeopleSoft HCM systems, said Jason Blessing, senior VP, Oracle Applications.

The combined system will use Oracle Business Analytics to comb through information from from Taleo’s Big Data feature. These types of large employee management computer systems are also known as human capital management systems—HCM for short.

Combining Taleo’s cloud recruiting, talent management and analytics with Oracle’s complete suite of core HR systems creates a one-stop-shop allowing businesses to manage all aspects of human resources in the cloud, said Chris Leone, Oracle senior VP of applications development.

Oracle published a 48-page document entitled Fusion HCM and Taleo: GTM [go-to-market] Strategy and Partner Playbook on its website. The document detailes positioning statements for Oracle HCM technology, sales guidelines and other information.

For example, interaction between Oracle Fusion HCM and Oracle Taleo talent management software can help promote internal career advancement opportunities while helping managers predict an employee’s potential, Leone said.

Oracle wants to rule the world of business-related human resources software services delivered via the Internet. Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison snapped up more than 70 companies in a past two years in a $40 billion buying spree that has added software that helps large corporations manage human resources and operations.

“Oracle leads the industry in R&D and is accelerating Oracle’s combined HCM product roadmap to empower business users with Taleo Talent Intelligence,” said Blessing in a prepared statement. “The combined resources of Oracle and Taleo mean more innovation, more execution and more attention to our customers’ talent management needs.”

Oracle President Mark Hurd outlined the ways top corporate executives can use human resources information to help make business decisions. Hurd noted that talent management is one of the top three focus areas for many CEOs.

Hurd conveyed much the same message during an April 2012 webcast that took place shorty after the Taleo acquisition became final.

Oracle purchase of Taleo is part of a consolidation trend in the human resources management and could computing software markets. Taleo itself purchased nine firms since 2003, including two in 2011 and two 2010.

The consolidation is taking place as companies assemble the pices of what will become the future of employee management technology, which is best exemplified by cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a term for computer software and services accessed strictly via Internet instead of software programs installed on individual computers or computer servers. This approach to computer software is also is known as software-as-a-service, SAAS for short.

Moving software services onto the Internet allows software makers greater control over the software and to make continual improvements.

Generally, cloud computing offers businesses more services and computing power at prices lower than software installed directly on a company’s computer system.

Taleo World keynote presentations will be available for viewing on demand on Friday, September 14 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time at

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