On Workplace Rock Stars

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From Paul Smith’s Welcome to the Occupation blog— This week I was faced with listening to someone use the word “rock star” to describe high performers in their organization. I understand the connotation behind this: the multi-platinum albums, the sold-out stadium shows, the cover of music magazines. These are signs of.

But I unfortunately have seen other sides of “rock stars” in my life: the egos that can’t be stroked enough, the over indulgence of alcohol & drugs, and the unwavering narcissism. As a result, the positive connotation evades me and I cringe when I hear it.

But the “rock star” moniker is popular with a lot of people. For me, I prefer to say that someone “rocked”, or for someone to tell me that “I rock”. That connotation relates to a moment in time as opposed to a lifestyle. Because let’s face it, I don’t rock all the time.

I also don’t do anything alone. I am not a singular entity (“rock star”) that creates, performs, manufactures, promotes, and distributes everything on my own. I’m part of a team of people. I am one element in a massive interrelated compound of the world in which I live.

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