TLNT Transform 2012 More HR Observations

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More HR observations by Paul Smith author of the Welcome to the Occupation blog from the TLNT Transformation conference in Austin, Texas, 26-28 February 2012:


Joe Gerstandt and Jason Lauritsen (Talent Anarchy) – “On New Terrain: Social Gravity and the Future of HR”
I have had the pleasure of seeing Joe and Jason present in the past. Like great stage performers and stand-up comics, I never see Jason and Joe do the same performance twice. Plus, they never disappoint.

This time they were promoting their new book (Social Gravity) and their concept of the six laws of social gravity. Drawing on a great deal of sources for a comprehensive view on making connections and leveraging them for your social benefits, they present a compelling case for placing more value on “who you know.”

Gerry Ledford – “How Employee Engagement Can Pay Off, and Why It Often Doesn’t”
Following the energetic presentations of Margaret Morford and Talent Anarchy are hard acts to follow. But with the right amount of vim and vinegar, Mr. Ledford kept the transformative ball rolling as he set to dismantle what we think we know about employee engagement.

Being a big student of this topic, I found the presentation captivating from minute one. Thorough, comprehensive and convincing, I have more to say about this presentation in a future post.

Fran Melmed – “The Second-Generation Workplace Wellness Program”
Jennifer Benz – “3 Steps to Success: How Benefits Can Help Drive Your Strategic HR Transformation”
No. They did not present together. But presented consecutively their sessions closed out the conference. I am fortunate to have Fran as a friend. As much as I refuse to drink the wellness kool-aid, I look to Fran as the expert on how to make this work in organizations. I never do what she says. But after seeing her present for the first time, I have some distinct takeaways for my office. And Jennifer Benz drove all of Fran’s points home and pushed me into action mode.

My List Of Action Items, TLNT Final Thoughts and Suggestions.

  • I hate using the word “rock star” to describe high performers. If you think about what rock stars actually do and how poorly some of them behave, it is not flattery.
  • I don’t understand the notion of employees associating with a company brand. It makes employees sound like livestock. Personal branding on the other hand makes sense.
  • I’m planning on doing more traveling this year for various conferences. I have to start taking better care of myself in terms of eating and exercise. I need personal wellness.
  • I’ve reached the point where I’m learning less at conferences. I’m validating more about what I think are leading HR practices.
  • Moderators should make it clear to panelists that it’s OK to disagree. The lack of dissent and different opinions is a let-down to the audience.
  • If you’re an HR Director or CPO, tell your CEO you think he or she is doing a good job. If you think the staff think that also, tell the CEO that as well.
  • At work, I have a couple of plans that I’m not asking permission to do. It’s my movie and I want it to win an Oscar.
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