On Drug Side Effects And Work

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From Paul Smith’s Welcome to the Occupation blog: Nifedipine is a drug used to treat high blood pressure.

It also has a huge number of side effects.

In the first three days of taking it, I experienced achiness, light-headedness, tiredness, flushing of my skin on my face, hands, and toes, and as a result, difficulty in concentrating.

side effectsThe worst part is I had to experience this while I was at work. Meetings, counseling, and directing require a clear head.

It was not impossible to work. But I had to work hard to ignore the physical issues of the side effects. The good part though is that the body adjusts to these side effects, and I am starting to adjust.

I wonder though how it would be if the drug had lasting side effects. What if my concentration levels dropped too low to work? I’d have to choose between continuing the drug or possible skin damage. Not much of a choice.

And what about the millions of other workers around the country?

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