Tips For Doing An Pre-Employment Background Screening Check

By Rudy Silva

Are you in charge of hiring new employees? Do you know how to do a proper employment screening? Can you do a background check that will eliminate those employees that have some detrimental past activities that could harm your company?

Here are some tips for you to use in your background checking —

Use an application form that provides you with enough information to get your background check started. If you don’t have the right questions on the application, you will have a hard time doing a background check. Have someone who has done background checks create your application.

The first thing you need to do is a Social Security check.

This is a powerful employment screening tactic. Order this check to authenticate the applicant’s Social Security number. This check can reveal all past addresses and aliases. Many people steal other people’s Social Security number.

Now you can start the employment criminal background check. And at the same time you can check the person driving record. These two searches will reveal more about a person’s integrity and honesty.

Once you have completed a variety of different information, you can match it up with the information you have on the application form. If there is a difference, then ask the applicant to explain this difference. It can be that there is a logical explanation and there was no intention to hide historical information.

Now you have to do a pre employment screening credit check. You will be able to order a credit check that is related to employment. This report does not show account numbers or other data that is not needed for an employment decision.

If you want to do the employment criminal background check, you will need a birth date. You will not be able to get this on your initial employment application. If you decide to hire this person, you can get their birth date. Make employment contingent on them passing their criminal check.

Make sure you get past supervisor and co-worker names. You can get more information from these individuals than you can from Human Resources. The human resources department can only give a limited amount of information to avoid being sued.

Just with the information you get on the application, you can start you employment screening background check. This is why it’s so important to have a good application form.

If you use a standard application form, have it checked by an expert human resource person. Start with Social Security check and end with a criminal records check.

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