Screen Employees With Pre-Employment Background Checks

By Jennifer Larson

Pre-Employment Background Checks For Job Applicants

These days it’s assumed that when you apply for a job, a pre-employment background check will take place before an employer will consider hiring any applicant.

A pre-employment check looks back several years, mainly for any past and recent criminal activity. Almost every major corporation and small business warns a criminal pre-employment background check must passed in order to be further considered for the position. Thousands of applications ask if you would be willing to submit to a pre-employment check before being hired for the position.

What is on a pre-employment check that employers would want to know?

They usually run a pre-employment background check for violent crimes, alcohol or substance related charges, burglary, vandalism, parole, warrants, and theft. Serious crimes and felony charges will show up on a pre-employment check with the area and day the crime was committed. provides a thorough pre-employment check for each Social Security Number requested.

Instantly, the pre-employment check will show the job applicant’s previous employment data and criminal profile of arrest records with available in depth information regarding a criminal issue that may include notes from a judge and police officer about the person’s cooperation and behavior in court, jail, and time of arrest.

Aside from any run-ins with the law, a pre-employment background check will have the applicant’s actual education history listed. Degrees and certifications are attached to everyone’s Social Security Number that can be reviewed in a pre-employment check.

This is a great tool to make sure a job candidate is not lying on his or resume to stand above the pack. A pre-employment background check from will mention any degree certifications a person has and which university the degree was obtained from in what year. People fluff resumes and exaggerate work experience to look like the best applicant on paper but these days it’s so hard to trust resumes without any legal verification.

Past employment history is also evident on a pre-employment check for employers to verify an applicant’s claims of work history and experience. The dates and name of the corporation will instantly tell an employer and hiring committee whether a person is lying or not about their experience.

Tough labor jobs can also view an applicant’s medical records for past health and physical problems that make the person a company injury liability and not physical equipped to handle strenuous work activity.

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