Need a Job? Find a Company Where You Want to Work and Pursue It

The story of how Hanna Phan landed her “dream job” at SlideRocket, a San Francisco high-technology start-up is a glimpse at the future of job search and of technology putting a new spin on an old job-hunting technique.

Finding a company you really want to work for an making it your goal to land a job there is time-honored way to not just land job but build a career. Phan used that laser-like job search focus and added a 21st century spin to land a great job at



her dream company. She used SlideRocket’s own online presentation software to tell a story about herself and what she had to offer SlideRocket and then launched a social media campaign design to get the attention of SlideRocket CEO Chuck Dietrich.

It worked, and Phan got a job as product manager at SlideRocket.

Phan calls her job-winning presentation a presume, a visual resume. She tells how she created her presume and describes how she came up with the idea in a blog post on the SlidRocket website.

From MarketWatch:

Some companies, no longer relying on traditional job posts to attract candidates, are asking job seekers to tell them what kind of job they want. That’s proving to be a boon to creative candidates.

The business communications company SlideRocket, based in San Francisco, Calif., posts this statement on its career page: “If you don’t see a job that is right for you, email us and tell us what you can do for us.”

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