The York Daily Record – “Path From Poverty” Series Highlights How Jobs Can Help the Poor to Prosper

Poverty and longterm unemployment often means living day to day in a state of crisis — the focus is always on survival and that day’s emergency.

The York Daily Record in York, Penn., recently published a three-part series, “Path From Poverty,” about dealing with poverty and longterm unemployment.

York County, highlighted in red, was created on August 19, 1749, from part of Lancaster County and named either for the Duke of York, an early patron of the Penn family, or for the city and shire of York in England. Its county seat is the city of York

From The York Daily Record in York, Pennsylvania, USA:
A scholar once called that mindset the “tyranny of the moment.” Advocates for the poor use the term to explain what keeps low-income families from long-term planning, self-reflection, even imagining a better future.

Path From Poverty
About this series

In York County, (Penn.) about one in 10 people doesn’t have or make enough money to meet basic living needs without help. Even a steady job isn’t always the answer, and a single setback can derail the most promising progress. “Path from Poverty” explores people working to escape poverty in different ways – by seeking help, by leaning on each other, by changing their own lives.

Part 1: Sarah Yanda was brought up middle-class but has discovered the suction of poverty. She vows to become self-sufficient.

Part 2: Nereida Simon overused her credit card in part because of family illnesses. She didn’t know how much she could change until she joined a group and found strength.

Part 3: Greg Smith’s job skills program found a partner in Jared Smith’s construction company, and together they put people to work on a York City schools project.

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