From the Blogosphere: Mandatory E-Verify Would Overwhelm Social Security Administration, Increase Disability Backlog

From Scott Hochberg,, Our Future

The train of threats to Social Security this year keeps on rolling, this time from the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. The “E-Verify” program threatens to undermine the Social Security

E-Verify could threaten Social Security.

E-Verify could threaten Social Security. Photo: longislandwins/flickr

Administration (SSA) and the millions of Americans who rely on it. Assuming the President stays the course and refuses to propose Social Security cuts, E-Verify would represent the biggest threat to Social Security that is currently on the table – aside from the Republican Presidential Candidates. (Click here for the Strengthen Social Security Campaign’s position on E-Verify.)

The legislation in question is called the Legal Workforce Act and comes under consideration by the House Judiciary Committee. The bill is not primarily designed to cut Social Security spending – rather, it is meant to curb the legal employment of every undocumented worker in America. While immigration-related, a mandatory E-Verify program would also cripple SSA by draining limited funding and imposing heavy burdens on one of the most efficient government programs in existence.

In short, E-Verify is a tool designed to prevent the employment of undocumented workers in the United States. Employers run the personal information of new hires though the E-Verify electronic system, which is connected to the SSA master database of Americans with Social Security numbers. In its developmental stages, the program has been optional for employers, but this new legislation would make it mandatory. Bottom line: E-Verify would add significant responsibilities and workload to an agency that is already overworked and underfunded, and jeopardize the ability of future retirees and disabled workers to get their benefits in a timely fashion. Here’s how:

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