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Many microbusiness owners depend on 2nd jobs
Misclassifying employees can backfire.
The restaurant insdustry is one of the larget employers of minimum wage workers in the U.S.
Some older workers want to delay retirement to keep their health care.
Labors laws under attack.
Workers make less, spend less.
Do regulations kills jobs? Turns out not so much, according to a ProPublica investigation.
EEOC age discrimination cases as of August 2012
Aging population will lead to a "buyers' market" for workers.
A good ol' boy. (Census Bureau photo)
Confidence in the economy has implications for the 2012 presidential election.
Youth Uenemployment: Many are neither working or studying.
Engaging unemployed youth could help ease the skills shortage
Have fun at work
Workers with disabilities are assets to businesses.
Recent college graduates need to acquire job search skills. (Census Bureau photo)
Working moms handle work and childcare, life trips to the doctor.
No one can be refused health care insurance for a pre-existing condition.
Consumers' share of health care spending declined in 2012.
Hospitals still face threats from GOP lawmakers
Nursing union makes new affiliations.
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