NFL Retirees Sue Players, Want Out of League Deal

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From Courthouse News Service: When active NFL players reached a deal with the league and its owners, concerning billions of dollars in TV revenue, in time to rescue the season that just began, some sports columnists commented that the players had sold out the rookies and retirees.

In the new complaint, filed Tuesday, 13 Sept. 2011, the retired players claim that “During recent years, the NFLPA has consistently favored the interests of active NFL players at the expense of NFL retirees’ rights and benefits.”

They define their class as all NFL players “who do not fall within the definition of the Collective Bargaining Unit (‘CBU’) contained in either the 2006 or 2011 CBAs between the NFL and the NFLPA.”

The retirees say they were not part of either collective bargaining unit.

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