’s Feature Matches Job-Seekers & Employers

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Another computer job matchmaking service has entered the ring, and the good news is that means one of the industry’s major players is in your corner. Because it’s service is free – for now.

The popular job-search engine is now doubling as a resume search service, thereby aiding both employers and job hunters to find each other. logoThis is a nice gift to America’s more than 15 million unemployed and the countless underemployed out there. The new service is now free, unlike those bullies in the job-search game who demand people without income pay for the privilege to know about too-scarce job openings.

Sadly, execs say a pay-to-play plan is in the works, so get out there before the paywall knocks you out of one of the biggest rings going in the current marketplace.

For those still on the job and watching their back, officials say you can keep your resume private to help shield your job search from your current employer. Those guys can get a bit grumpy about workers wanting to jump ship. The claim is that Indeed strips out the contact information, prospective employers then use an form to contact the job seeker, leaving the power to the seeker whether to respond to the job prospect or not.

It also promises to simplify seeking jobs on indeed by using resumes, according to company officials, “We always start with the question: ‘What is best for the job seeker?’”

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